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Crypto Currency Future in India

What are Cryptocurrencies? Since centuries, physical tokens are being used as a means of payment (e.g. shells, gold coins, bank notes). In such a market, a direct exchange of sellers’ merchandise and buyers’ tokens permits them to realize a fast and final settlement. This option is inaccessible, however, when the two parties are not present […]

Syndicate Funding

With entry of several new players and rigorous growth in innovation, the startup funding landscape has changed significantly over the past few years all around the globe. Earlier, what used to be a game only for large scale venture capitalists and angel investors, is now open to inexperienced players through alternative funding vehicles like co-investment & syndicate […]

From Pre-seed to IPO: Start-up Funding Stages Explained

Nearly every week, we hear start-ups in India raise one funding round or another. Here, we take a closer look at the types of rounds and what they mean. Here’s the truth: It is not that uncommon to have a great, life-transforming idea for a start-up business. However, most innovative ideas can too fail to […]

Hottest emerging sectors for 2018-19!

Starting a business is always a risk, but pursuing one of these promising sectors will definitely improve your odds, if only a good idea and a bit of luck were all you needed to launch a successful start-up! The reality is that it takes a lot more. Timing, competition, and future market conditions can make […]

Funding Alternatives

1. Venture Capitalists Among the various financing​ options entrepreneurs can turn to when starting a new company is venture capital. Venture capital is money that is given to help build new startup firms that often are considered to have both high-growth and high-risk potential. These companies generally center on health care or new technology, including […]

Financial technology

Introduction “Financial technology” or “FinTech” refers to the use of technology to deliver financial solutions. The term originated during early 1990s. However, the sector has attracted a lot of attention of regulators, industry participants and consumers alike. One major part of Fintech is Regulatory Framework within which all transactions and other exchanges can happen fluently, […]